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We will invite a woodworker to come and see their slab in person before shipping.

Costa Rica Mill will take care of the woodworker during the stay in Costa Rica, food lodging and transportation included. He/She will not only get a chance to see their slab at our warehouse before shipping but also stay near by Bernardo’s woodshop with an amazing view of the valley.

Would you like a slab from Costa Rica?

See our inventory here

Purchasing an exotic kilned dried slab from Costa Rica has never been easier.

Get your wood directly from the source | $10.99/BF

Browse our inventory of Monkey pod and Parota wood.

Select the slabs you like and add them to your cart.

Create an account and our system will calculate shipment.

The slab will be shipped from 4-8 weeks from purchase.


Have a question?

Can I order only ONE slab at $10.99 per BF?

Yes, you can order just ONE slab at $10.99 per BF directly from our Costa Rica inventory. That said if you order more than 1 slab you can save 40-50% on the domestic shipping costs.

How exactly do I order a slab?

Browse through our inventory (slabs marked “in the kiln” are not available since they are currently being dried.) Choose a slab or slabs and add them to your cart. Type your address, our system will quote on transportation and add it to your total. Add your payment details and get you slab!

Do you deliver to all the States?

All the states except Alaska and Hawaii.

Are you Costa Rican or American based company?

We are a Costa Rican company that opened a subsidiary “CRMill Logistics” in the USA, which handles all the payments and logistics in the USA. You will purchase from an American company, no international wire transfers needed.

Can you deliver to my home?

No, we only delivery to commercial address with a forklift or tractor to unload. Otherwise, the slab/slabs need to be picked up at the terminal stated at check out.

Do you ship kiln dried slabs?

Yes. All our slabs are kiln dried to 9-13% moisture content and fumigated.

About Costa Rica Mill

Bringing nature to your table.

Is a family owned and operated small business in Costa Rica. Our family has been in the wood industry for over a decade. We specialize in kiln dried live edge slabs. Getting your exotic tropical wood has never been easier.

Our page will add the board foot of the slabs you select. Press add to cart to start your list, as you add more slabs you will see how the board foot increases. You can also remove any slabs you would like to. Try it now.



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